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The Catholic Church always came first: we developed the scientific method, founded the university system, educated more children than any other institution, and much more. But we feel that in the digital world there is still a lot to promote and grow.

We believe that a big part of this “digital conquest” is in the hands of the catholic laity to reach young people and adults who need Human Formation, and many times they don't even know it.

We love digital

We love technology! It is a way to reach many people at a speed never seen before in the history of humanity and at a very low cost.

That is why we want to take advantage of this “modern wave” and take Christ to the corners of the Earth using digital marketing.


We promote and disseminate knowledge in areas of Human, Spiritual and Doctrinal Formation of the Catholic Faith, using digital marketing as our main tool.


We will be the best partners for our specialists by fully and strategically carrying out the digital management that they need to spread their knowledge to as many souls as possible and generate many financial resources for this evangelization.


Passion, faith, integrity, innovation, leadership, collaboration, adventure, charity, hope.

The economic resources

All professional work (including in the Catholic Church) requires financial resources to achieve the best results. Digital marketing is a very powerful tool to achieve these resources.

Holiness is the goal

We were born to evangelize

We want to reach as many souls as possible through digital. We believe that giving knowledge is evangelizing and that evangelization needs resources, self-sustainability, and professionalization.

The greater the economic resources, the greater the professionalism and the greater compliance with the demands of today, resulting in a greater scope.

Today we live in a globalized world and we have the opportunity to reach practically every corner of the Earth.

Meet our team

The people behind the scenes

Javier Kovacs


Passionate about technology and God

Javier loves technology. Although he studied Computer Engineering at the National University of Asunción, he defines himself more as self-taught and a lover of innovation because he likes to face challenges and learn in the process, always focusing on the proposed objectives.

He is a member of the Shalom Catholic Community Work in Asunción and, despite being a Catholic since childhood, he had a strong encounter with Christ a few years ago in an experience in the Community.

Since then he longs to dedicate his life and work exclusively for God. He has also been very interested in Psychology, Theology and Philosophy ever since.

Radical in his way with God

Larissa was born into a family of merchants. Since she was a child, her father taught her to see the world from a business perspective, so it is very easy for her to be an entrepreneur, full of energy and focused on her objectives. Of course, she studies Business Administration at the National University of Asunción.

His encounter with God was in his late teens. From that moment his life was transformed and he has become radical in his walk with Christ.

She is a member of the Shalom Catholic Community Work in Asunción and has led the initial movement that “prepared the ground” for the arrival of the Community in his country.

Larissa Mota

Directora EMD

Aline Pedro

Gerente de Proyectos

Loves communication and people

Aline is celibate for the Kingdom of Heaven and consecrated from the Shalom Catholic Community. She is Brazilian, but she has spent 9 years on mission in Uruguay, where she was able to fall even more in love with God and evangelization.

Educated in Social Communication, Aline is passionate about communication and working with people. She has worked in different areas, from producer and organizer of events to radio announcer. 

During her mission period in Uruguay, she had the apostolate of Strategic Planning, there she studied project management and now works as a Project Manager at Saints GO.

Passionate about God and her family

Rocío defines herself as a person who is passionate about God and her family. She has three children and a partner with whom she lives in the city of Asunción, Paraguay. She participated in the Shalom Catholic Community where she had her closest encounters with the Father through the Holy Spirit and the intercession of Mary. There she met incredible people whom she holds dear. She was born into a not very practicing Catholic family, but in spite of this they instilled in her love for a merciful God.

She was educated in Accounting Sciences at the National University of Asunción and has been practicing the profession for more than 10 years. She has held positions in accounting and administrative departments in various companies, but now she is self-employed. She is respectful, patient, orderly, and likes to help others and live consistently.

In Saints GO she manages the administration and accounting of the entire company.

Rocío Baez

Gerente Financiero

Zoe Ferreyra

Líder de Contenido

She loves languages and cultures

Zoe is from Argentina and has a degree in International Relations. She loves languages, the exchange of cultures and she dreams of using her career to have a positive impact on the world and bring glory to God.

He was born into a family that did not live the faith, but he had a personal encounter with Christ that changed his way of seeing life. This love of hers for Jesus led her to start a website that gave evangelical messages to non-believers. This not only increased her apostolic zeal, but also led her to enter the world of digital marketing. 

Following her desire that people live the joy that she lives, she found in social networks the way for the message of Christ to be massive. She took courses, started training and is now Content Manager for Saints GO, where she continues to learn and develop professionally every day.

Different since childhood

Antonio has been a missionary of the Shalom Catholic Community since 2016. He was born in a city in the interior of Brazil to a Catholic family and was raised in the faith as a child. He always had the desire to be someone different.

He studied at a technical administration school and took several computer courses. He really likes digital, but he loves person-to-person communication much more.

He discovered that being different means having a heart that loves God above all else. For this reason, he found it necessary to offer his entire life to the Lord through the community in which he is a part. He currently lives in Paraguay, exercises shepherding and spiritual direction within the community, and is Product Manager at Saints GO.

Antonio Nascimento

Líder de Producto

Nattali Serrano

Líder de Soporte

Worked with children, youth and families

Nattali is a Colombian woman, born into a Catholic and missionary home. She grew up loving God and serving the Church. For this reason, from a very young age, she has worked with children, youth and families in different missions, which led her to study early childhood and Theology of the Body.

She is cheerful, helpful, loves to listen to people and advise in difficult moments, supports liturgical singing and is very responsible. She loves to read the lives of the saints, but she is faithfully devoted to Saint Teresita of the Child Jesus and her parents Luis and Celia Martin. From Santa Teresita she learned that her vocation is love. She has been married for 8 years and her home is dedicated to helping and listening to young couples who feel this vocation.

She is very grateful to God because He allowed her to meet Rebeca Barba, take the “Amar más, sana” course, and receive the grace to feel free to love by helping others. In Saints GO she leads the support team.

Loves the digital world

Hugo is a missionary of the Shalom Catholic Community, and is walking towards the consecration of life. Paraguayan, he had his experience with God very early in his youth that has led him to discover God every day through his profession.

Graphic Design student, passionate about the digital world, visual identity and brand development. Although over time he has developed a love for philosophy, politics and above all for soccer.

He has worked in different apostolates in Shalom but mainly in the communication of events, the development of their visual identity, and now he is the Designer and Editor of Saints GO.

Hugo Duarte

Analista Audiovisual

Yulieth Ocampo

Analista de Soporte

Dreamer and follower of Jesus

Consecrated to Jesus by Mary and follower of Christ since she was 9 years old.

God has given her the gift of being a participant in different stages of her life in various apostolic groups, where she has been able to know and experience the presence of God in her life.

She is a business administrator with a focus on human management, which is why she loves contact with people and being an instrument in evangelizing work.

Missionary since she was 15 years old

I am a missionary from a Catholic community called Lazos de amor Mariano since I was 15 years old.

I come from a Catholic family but not so practicing, with the exception of my grandmother, who I know that thanks to her daily rosary the Virgin sought me out until she conquered my heart.

I have had the opportunity in different seasons to do volunteer work and missions of up to 6 months. I have always wanted to give my best years to God.

I am a public accountant by profession, but passionate about inner healing, for listening and accompanying those who today feel restlessness in their hearts.

Manuela Duque

Analista de Soporte

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