Digital Launches

What are they? What are they for?

Enhance the scope of your project

Something more about Digital Launches

What are they?

The launch of an infoproduct is a strategic digital marketing plan with the main objective of making the infoproduct known to as many people as possible and achieving the greatest number of sales.

As it is a planned process, it consists of a series of phases or stages that will have a decisive influence on both the level of complexity thereof and the investment required to make it possible.

Why do them?

It is useless to have an excellent infoproduct if nobody knows about it, and this is something basic and fundamental that content creators often forget. You can create the best training on the market, and if it doesn't have visibility, nobody will buy it from you.

A launch implies many advantages for you as a creator. Some are:

  • Make your infoproduct or service known to a wider audience.
  • Increase your visibility and presence on the web.
  • Forge your brand.
  • Position yourself as an authority for a specific topic.
  • And as a consequence of all of the above, sell more.

You make content

We manage the complexity

Videos, webinars, editions, emails, Facebook and Instagram guidelines, checkout, landing pages... and the list goes on and on and on. All of this, and much more, is what you can find today in a digital product launch.

Este “nuevo mundo” está aquí para quedarse y cada vez más y más lanzamientos serán la realidad de lo digital.

When something «new» like this comes along, you usually start hearing voices and opinions from all over the place and get confused. Don't you know exactly what a launch is or what to do?

This is why Saints GO exists, we take care of all the complexity involved in launching and you are in charge of continuing to do what you do best: create content.

Do you want to forget about all this complexity?

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