Accelerator for Catholic Digital Projects

At Saints GO Digital Inc. we want to promote and disseminate knowledge in the fields of Human, Spiritual and Doctrinal Formation of the Catholic Faith, using digital marketing as our main tool.

Holiness is the goal

We make Digital Launches to spread knowledge

At Saints GO we believe that giving Formation on Human field is evangelizing. Christ is the perfect man , and when we follow his example we realize that we need interior development to achieve Holiness.

We use unique digital marketing strategies that allow us to disseminate knowledge on areas of Human Formation for personal development, while generating resources to continue dissemination and evangelization.

We are the «Rebeca Barba Team», behind the scenes

We have partnered with Rebeca Barba to enhance their project of spread the Theology of the Body, where people go through a deep process of inner healing in light of what Saint John Paul II left us.

We do all the work "behind the scenes" producing their infoproducts, implementing the digital strategy, driving their social networks, driving the contact with the public, doing digital and email marketing, building the entire digital platform for infoproducts, editing videos, designing, etc.

Consulting for brands that want to change the world

In the past and present we provide consultancy to catholic brands that want to give a message of Christ through what they do.

We gave and give consultancies to these brands to bring a fresh and renewed approach, new ideas to further enhance what they do, visions that they didn't have before, blind spots, specific strategies for the niche to which they belong, always within the digital world. In this way we believe that we can multiply knowledge and thus allow more Catholic projects or projects with a Catholic soul to be known and spread their own message in today's digital world.

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